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GoNoodle: The Morning Meeting

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I am so glad to be participating in the GoNoodle Blogger Blitz. GoNoodle is such a great tool to get students moving but did you know there is another side to GoNoodle? I have been trying to get into a morning ritual. One of the books I have been reading is called “The Morning Miracle” by Hal Elrod. I know when I follow through with the suggestions from the book, my day is so productive, and I feel much better.

I have been thinking a lot lately about the importance of developing these habits and realized what a great gift this would be for our children. As an educator, we spend a lot of time teaching our students about reading, math, and science. We even teach students how to treat each other, but how much time do we spend talking about how they should treat themselves?

Don't miss out on the GoNoodle Blogger Blitz for Back to School fun.

So when I saw the calming videos on GoNoodle, I immediately thought of my morning routine and how I could use this in the classroom. Here are the steps to start your day off on the right foot with your students.

GoNoodle Morning Meeting

Begin every morning by having students come to the carpet area for a moment of silence. Silence doesn’t have to be a religious thing but just a time for students to clear their minds and prepare for the day. There are several excellent videos from GoNoodle to use during this time.

Airtime Space

The next two steps are affirmation and visualization. The “Think About It” videos are perfect during visualization! Choose one Think About It video a week and use the topic as a sounding board for the rest of my morning routine. For example, the newest video You Are Courage has students think about some of the courageous things they have done to show courage. The video explains that courage doesn’t have to be something big but things that happen in everyday life.

Don't miss out on the GoNoodle Blogger Blitz for Back to School fun.

As for affirmations, find affirmations that fit the topic you are discussing. Here is an excellent site to find affirmations appropriate for kids in a language they can understand. So if courage is the topic, look for affirmations on courage. Have students practice reciting the affirmation throughout the day. Another idea is to have students write the affirmation on a sticky note or write the affirmation on an app like Word Swag or Pic Collage. Have students add their affirmations to interactive notebooks, on a blog, post on a class Twitter account, or hang up in the classroom or hallway.

After visualization is exercise. Of course, there are tons of resources on GoNoodle to use during this time. You can decide which routines are your students’ favorites.

Don't miss out on the GoNoodle Blogger Blitz for Back to School fun.

The last two steps are reading and writing. If the topic for the day is courage, choose a book that helps students understand the concept better. Students then write to answer the questions from the Think About It videos or respond to the reading in some way. If students have access to devices, I would have them create Interactive Notebooks using the Book Creator app.

If you haven’t signed up for GoNoodle, check out a previous blog post I created to help you.

Revision: I’ve had such a huge response and requests through social media about making a schedule for my morning meetings. I decided to create schedules for each month. Here is a link to my first one for September. Just click on the picture below to check it out:

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  1. Love G0-Noodle! I use it throughout the day – but especially after lunch as a way to gather us together and prepare us to transition to math. I like your suggestions and will try out some more of the calming videos this year! Thanks!!

  2. I haven’t logged in to Go Noodle yet this year. Sounds like there is a lot of new stuff to explore!

  3. i started using GoNoodle last school year and I love it! There are so many choices for brain breaks during the days. The kids work hard and love to take turns being the DJ so they can pick their favorites!

  4. I love gonoodle and so do my students! I love your ideas for using it in morning meeting.

  5. I absolutely love GoNoodle! I’ve used it for so many different things over the past couple of years, but I never thought about including it in our morning meeting. Great idea!

  6. Great idea- I’m going to use the calming gonoodle clips after recess this year.

  7. Planning to incorporate go noodle and morning meeting this year–looking forward to it and how the kids will respond.

  8. Last year in elementary school I used gonoodle. Now that I moved to middle school, I have hesitated. You have given me great ideas. Thanks.

  9. I absolutely love GoNoodle. I used Flow and KooKooKanga a lot last year. I love the idea of incorporating it into morning meeting!

  10. What a wonderful idea… Teaching children how to care for themselves. This is particularly necessary when home lives are always or even just sometimes I flex. Build up the children from with-in!

  11. LOVE Go Noodle! It’s a great way to help get the kiddo’s wiggles out….plus its fun and they love it!

  12. I have never used Go Noodle, however, I do LOVE Miracle Morning and I am so overjoyed to have found a way to make it kid friendly for my daughter! It has changed my life and I know it will do the same for her. Off to go register for Go Noodle now! Thank you so much for such a thoughtful post!

  13. Thank you for emphasizing the whole student. Many times we get so involved in getting through all of academics that we forget the child in the process. Love the road that you are traveling down and thanks for sharing.

  14. Thank you for going beyond academics and thinking about the whole child. We get so wrapped up in getting through the academics that we forget to really know the child and start off on a smooth road each day. You have me intrigued!

    1. Author

      Thanks, Janice. I think with so much emphasis on testing we have lost the reason why we do this in the first place.

    1. Author

      Sounds like a cute idea! Would love to see it when you are finished.

  15. This sounds like a great way to start your day!! Will try it this year!

  16. I love GoNoodle and I love the way you use it. I’m going to incorporate it into my morning meeting

  17. Do you have a schedule for what topic to choose every week? Is Go Noodle sending the topics?

    1. Author

      I don’t have a schedule, Kelly, but that’s a great idea! Might need to make one. I’ll let you know if I do.

      1. Thanks Jen! I’m a homeschooler, and I hope to have a new routine this Fall.

  18. Thank you for this post! I’ve been using the Flow series with GoNoodle, and noticed a difference in students’ ability to focus in class. Just finished a course on Mindfulness in the Classroom, and was putting something together to use GoNoodle for our Mindful moments…you’ve done a great job of this!

    1. Author

      Thanks so much for you kind words. I’d love to hear more about the course you took. Sounds interesting.

  19. I had signed up and was wondering if there is any captions for our students and teachers as we are from Deaf school and I am so sure that our students will love this.
    Thank you

    1. Author

      I haven’t seen captions, Marlene but that doesn’t mean they don’t have them. You might contact them and suggest it if they don’t.

  20. I’m so glad to see your post! For the last 3 years, I’ve been starting each of my classes with “Close Eyes, Go Inside”, a mindful minute that helps the students so much- in transitioning, finding their inner calm, checking in with themselves, and being in the moment. It’s a pause that not only refreshes, but inspires. I really appreciate finding out about the GoNoodle links for more activities of this kind.
    Thank you!

    Christalia Volaitis

    1. Author

      That’s a great idea. I think it’s good for students to do things like this to start the day or any other time.

  21. I LOVE Go Noodle. My kinders LOVE Go Noodle. Now I have a new outlook on using Go Noodle. Currently, I use Go Noodle for Brain Breaks. Two active activities followed by Maximo.

  22. My students and I love to Go Noodle on our brain breaks! Can’t wait to try the meditations as we begin our day together as well. Thank you…

  23. I simply love your idea and the way you are using it in morning meetings it’s superb. I didn’t know about the Go Noodle thingy I will surely use it the year, thanks for the share 💖

  24. My students and I love GoNoodle! I believe morning meeting time can be extremely valuable. My routine needs some love though. I was hoping to take a peek at your morning meeting schedule but it appears to not exist in your TpT store. Would it be possible to have/purchase?

    Thank you!

    1. Author

      I just deactivated it from my store like an hour ago! I found out that not everyone has GoNoodle Plus. A local children’s hospital has purchased the plus version for all the teachers in my state. So I was going to try fix a few things for those that do not have the plus version. Do you have the Plus version? I’d be happy to reactivate it for you.

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