Energy: Learning through Exploration and Inquiry

In Lesson Ideas by Jen

I am so excited to announce an eBook that one of my classrooms created. These students worked so hard to learn about energy and the production of electricity. Our unit began as students built background knowledge through stations. I had six stations set up and students rotated through each. The stations included:
Station 1 – Students read the eBook called “What is Energy?” Click here to download.
Station 2 – Students created a pic collage using the vocabulary from the unit then sorted the pictures into categories.
Station 3 – Students participated in an experiment that taught them about nonrenewable energy by sorting different kinds of beans that represent energy sources.
Station 4 – Students learned about hydroelectric energy through an experiment using a waterwheel.
Station 5 – Students participated in a Nearpod presentation on their iPads.
Station 6 –  Students watched a BrainPop Jr. video on energy.
While students rotated through the stations, they were charged with filling out their “Energy” booklet. This would act as an assessment for the teacher as well as a resource for students’ research.

Once background had been established, students read a variety of passages and books about the different energy sources. Students researched the sources and participated in a shared writing project with the teacher as well as write their own reports about an energy source of their choice. Students then decided which type of project they wanted to do and entered their two choices using the Socrative app. If you have never used this it is a great free app. All I had to do was create a quiz @ the Socrative site, provide students the quiz number and students entered their choices. It was very simple. The results were added to a spreadsheet which allowed me to put them in the groups they wanted for their projects.

The projects included:
Create a video using either the Puppet Pal app or Videolicious app
Create a song in Garageband
Create a poem and then recording in Garageband
Create a widget from the widget gallery in iBooks Author or Bookry
Create & finding pictures
Create quizzes
Create animations using Crazy Talk

Once they were ready students met with me and we finished their projects. Then as a whole group they helped me design the book. Some students worked directly with iBooks Author software on the MacBook but the majority of the students had to upload their resources to Dropbox and I just put the book together for them. If you would like to check out their iBook, click here.

If you would like to try this out in your classroom click on the picture below for more information:
Energy Unit.001