Need ideas for writer's workshop. Check out my latest unit for grades 2-3 using writer's notebooks to inspire students when they are writing.

Writer’s Workshop: Using a Writer’s Notebook Grades 2-3

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Writers’ Workshop develops students’ love of writing. Through coaching, students learn to write for a variety of audiences and purposes. They become more independent thinkers and problem-solvers. But teaching writing can be difficult. Managing writer’s workshop is hard. There are so many factors that play into the effectiveness of teaching writing.

These factors are the reason why I create my writer’s workshop units. As a literacy coach, I see first hand the difficulty teachers have teaching writing. Many tell me writing is the hardest subject for them because so many students are on such different levels, which make it difficult for them to take students through the writing process.


For my most struggling writing teachers, I quickly learn they are not allowing students to use their background knowledge, experiences, and wonderings to help them bridge the gap between transcribing and the writing process. Also, they are not using mentor texts as a model. Reciprocity between reading and writing should be addressed during the literacy block. Students need to hear and read quality literature to become better writers themselves.

Need ideas for writer's workshop. Check out my latest unit for grades 2-3 using writer's notebooks to inspire students when they are writing.

Writer’s Workshop Unit 2

I created Unit 2, of my yearlong writing curriculum, for grades 2-3 to help teachers inspire a love of writing in their students by using a writer’s notebook. The idea came from Ralph Fletcher’s book “A Writer’s Notebook: Unlocking the Writer within You” and the work I did with my teachers. Allowing students to create their writing notebook with ideas that inspire them made all the difference when transitioning to writing narratives.

To learn more, I’ve written two past posts discussing writing notebooks. One on housing your notebooks and the other on the type of entries to add to your notebooks. My hope is these ideas help you implement writer’s notebooks with confidence and ease.

If you want more ideas and lessons to help you implement writer’s notebooks, I created this unit in hopes to make your life easier. The unit has over 80-pages of great lesson plans, forms, and graphic organizers to help you. It is part of my year-long curriculum for grades 2-3. Unit 1, Launching Writer’s Workshop, can be found by clicking here.

Included in Unit 2 

  • Forms for conferencing and sharing
  • Outline of Workshop Time – Includes resources for conferencing and share time.
  • Detailed lessons to help you use the writer’s notebook in your classroom.
  • Several options for creating writing notebooks including digital options using Google Slides or Book Creator.
  • Student writing paper and graphic organizers
  • 17 Lesson Plans Plus resources
  • Online resources to integrate technology

Why Purchase? 
Writing resources are designed to help you implement this unit with confidence and ease. The ideas and strategies have helped me over the years which is why I am confident they will help you, too! If you are interested in purchasing CLICK HERE.